14 Nov 2019

National Workshop on Environmental Sustainability 2019


The campus environment has enormous potential to become a laboratory or vehicle for generating new ideas as well as demonstration sites in the implementation of various breakthrough ideas in the effort to implement sustainability concepts in the management of campus areas or even a wider area.

Some important issues that arise include issues concerning how to increase environmental awareness, water conservation, and energy conservation, efforts to reduce pollution and its impact on the environment. In connection with these efforts, of course, planning, implementation, monitoring is needed in a good and measurable governance framework. Therefore it is necessary to do seriousness in applying the concept of sustainable development in the campus area.

University needs to raise awareness with all of its academic community. University also needs to carry out activities that are relevant, consistent, in line with the concept of sustainability. Where all these efforts must be managed in an office/bureau/ department that is specially prepared and consists of personnel who are able to become agents of change in an effort to implement sustainable development in the management of the area of the University. Therefore, we will conduct workshops covering the following themes:

  1. Increasing awareness of the need for sustainable officers in universities
  2. Providing skills and knowledge training needed by a sustainability officer
  3. Supporting University to be a sustainable campus

More information, visit: https://telkomuniversity.ac.id/uigm/


Prof. Dr. Riri Fitri Sari M.Sc., MM,

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zaharin Aris, Junaidi, M.A,

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ambariyanto,

Heri Budiarso