Global Learning Week (GloW) is Telkom University’s very own short course credit earning program happening over the span of two weeks. It is a collection of various academic activities designed to benefit both students and lecturers alike through courses revolving around the latest technological development, academic insights, and trends. Each year, lecturers from across the globe gather to share and impart their knowledge to students and engage in discussions among experts. Through GloW, Tel-U aims to generate an open and explorative international academic environment, where knowledge are shared in order to enhance the quality of education and widen student’s perspective through international exposure.

GloW 2020 will take place on the 13th to 24th of July 2020. During this time students are going to receive 15-20 hours’ worth of lectures delivered in English. Lecturers and experts will also be engaging in discussions and talks about research and/or teaching strategies with accomplished lecturers of Tel-U faculty.


Registration for lecturers and students participating in GloW 2020 is from the 1st to 15th of May 2020.


GloW 2020 will cover lectures across departments in Tel-U. Here are majors with topics offered in GloW 2020:

  1. Telecommunication Engineering
  2. Visual Communication
  3. Computer Science Design
  4. Industrial Engineering
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Information Systems
  7. ICT Business Management
  8. Business Administration
  9. Communication Science

For more information visit ICAO’s website: GloW

With the outbreak of the covid-19, countries all over the world are taking emergency measures to decrease and stop the spread of the virus. At the same time, all of these countries are preparing for a potentially longer disruption to face-to-face class attendance in universities. It is inevitable that every week of campus closures implies a massive loss in the development of human capital along with significant long-term economic and social impacts. Obviously, this has become a test to the strength and sustainability of higher education systems, while at the same time creating an opportunity for alternative educational development, including presenting online international collaborations in learning.

International Class of Telkom University tries to grab that opportunity by presenting Global Learning Week (GLOW) 2020. This year, GLOW invites 15 Visiting Professors from 6 countries: India, Belgium, Malaysia, Netherlands, Taiwan, and Bangladesh! They will deliver some interesting topics and enhance your global perspectives. GLOW starts on 13th-24th July 2020.


As of July 24th 2020, Telkom University’s very own short course credits earning program, Global Learning Week (GLoW) has come to an end. The program that span over the course of two weeks from the 13th to the 24th of July with lecturers participating from all across the globe from India, Belgium, Malaysia, Netherlands, Taiwan, and Bangladesh was officially closed with a closing ceremony held on the 24th at 19:00 WIB. As the program came to an end, it is believed to be beneficial to gather feedbacks on how the program went. We asked several Industrial Engineering students who participated for a quick interview to hear some of their thoughts.

As we all know, GLoW 2020 has come to an end. So, how was your experience?

“Attending GLOW programs every year was a very good experience for me, especially when it comes to this year’s GLOW. The learning experience was fun, and I can’t really say no when I could complete a few credits in just two weeks, right?” Says Fuhaidy, a 2017 Industrial Engineering student.

Based on the respond that we got, it seems that students we are regularly participating is here for the 2020 program and they seem to find this year in particular to be a bit different as it is done through zoom meetings. This is illustrated clearly by Zia, a 2018 Industrial Engineering student who says, “My experience with GLoW this year has been a little different due to it being online, but it’s still fun overall.”

What subjects are you studying this time, in Glow?

“The course I have taken at GLOW is Design layout & MANPRO. Now I am taking Data Analytics.” Says Aulia, a 2017 Industrial Engineering student who is also a recurring participant from previous years.

“This year, I am taking Data Analytics and Project Management. But last year it was Product Development” Says Zia. It seems that normally students will take one or two subjects that are offered in GLoW each Year. It is completely up to the student which lectures they want to take it’s just have to be in line with the degree they are pursuing and whether or not they can make the time for it.

In your opinion, what are some of the advantages of participating in Glow compared to the regular study program?

“Well, as I said before, in GLOW students can complete a course in two weeks, meaning you only focus to learn one subject in all those two weeks, different from the usual classes with various different subjects that will somehow make you forget things in the next week. The lecturers for each course were also professors from university abroad bringing exciting and fun learning method while also being effective and efficient.” Says Fuhaidy.

“There’s a lot of advantages, one of them is that we can learn in advance what others will eventually take in the regular program on future semesters. Also, because the lectures are delivered in English, we can also practice our English-speaking skills.” Says Wali, a 2018 Industrial Engineering Student.

Now, we all know that nothing is perfect, as Industrial Engineers we are taught that nothing is ever perfect, but there is always room for improvement. So, what are some of the draw backs that you have with GLoW 2020?

“Because everything is online this year, I think sometimes its hard to understand the explanation given by lecturers. Especially in my case with Data Analytics, coding is especially hard. I think it should also have practical lessons in it.” Says Zahran, a 2017 Industrial Engineering student.

Contrary to what Zahran said, our fellow student Zia expressed that the only downside here is that the program is not long enough. “This year’s GLoW is not long enough” says Zia.

For future references, what kind or what are some of the lectures that you might be interested in learning for GLoW 2021?

“Maybe, Business Process?” Asks Zahran.

“I don’t really know how to answer this question because I think the available subjects are already good choices.” Says Fuhaidy.

“For future GLoW I think Information System Design Analysis and Application Development might be nice.” Says Wali.

It seems there are a lot of demands for a broader selection of lectures. Students are also okay with it as long as the lectures provided are still viable, in line, and may prove to be beneficial for future studies.  I guess we’ll have to see what kind of lectures will be offered next year

I believe that is all the time we have. But, before we end this, do you have anything else you want to express regarding the program?

“In my opinion, Glow is a wonderful experience. Because with it we can increase our competency and polish out knowledge and skills, especially English-speaking skills. It has also broaden my perspective of the international academic world. For future GLoW, I wish that for us, Industrial Engineering students, the lecturer can be from another part of the world beside Malaysia like we have always been for the past and current years.” Says Wali.

“For me the GLOW program is good enough, but there are always some room for improvement aren’t there? I think the learning outcomes and syllabus have to be determined before the class, and it has to be able to be implemented in only two weeks’ time, because from my experience, lecturers changed the syllabus often because simply there isn’t enough time to implement it.” Says Fuhaidy.

“If possible, lectures that we can take from other universities are lectures that are deemed to be better to take there compared to in Telkom. For example, with Data Analytics, UPM have a certification program for Data Analytics that students can take. After all, it will be more beneficial for us is the output is not just grades, but along with certifications.” Says Zia.

With that we have come to the end of this article. GLoW will return for 2021, we are looking forward to your participations next year!